Original probate records may include many important clues for a researcher. These documents may include: date and place of death, name of spouse, names of children and possibly birth order, children’s spouses, grandchildren, locations of property and names of neighbors, indications of occupation and wealth, siblings or even parents. Especially valuable on these original probate and judgment records are original signatures or signature marks which can help to differentiate between men of the same or similar names. The signatures and marks can also be used to assist and positively identify the date and vessel of arrival of an immigrant in this country.

The 18th c. Probate Documents, Hampshire County, VA (WV) series of CDs by Eric Hedrick contains high quality images of original documents, not images of the recordings. A complete table of contents is included on each disc which includes dates, names, and other information found on each document as well as transcriptions of the German signatures that are found. Spelling variations of the surnames are to be expected in the documents, therefore standardized spellings are included to help with identification. The conditions of the fragile documents that are digitized on these discs are generally very good and clearly legible, but the researcher should appreciate that the documents which are presented on these discs are centuries old and the condition of some documents are not as good. A few have faded ink and a few are in poor condition. Please direct any inquiries to this website regarding the condition of specific documents for specific individuals if this is a concern.

The 18th c. Probate Documents, Hampshire County, VA (WV) CD series contains only the material that is still on file in the courthouse in Romney, WV. Through the years documents have been removed from the courthouse and a number of early Hampshire County documents are in a collection in the library at Marietta College in Ohio. Others are in a loose papers collection in the library at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV. There may be others, whereabouts unknown.

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18th c. probate documents digitized and available as follows:


James Alexander (ca. 1773)
John Allen (ca. 1784)
William Anderson (ca. 1794)
Peter Andrews [Andreas?] (ca. 1767)
Josiah Arnold (ca. 1755)
Richard Arnold (ca. 1758)
John Ashbrooke [Ashbrook] (ca. 1763)
Peter Ashpendale [Ashpendal, Espindele] (ca. 1772)
Ann Aughney (ca. 1796)
Darbey Aughney (ca. 1795)
Capt. Benjamin Beall (ca. 1765)
George Beall [Beal, Beale] (ca. 1797)
John Beaver (ca. 1758)
Robert Bell (ca. 1773)
John Biggins [Begins, Bigins] (ca. 1799)
Eleanor Black (ca. 1799)


Alexander, Allen, Alsop, Anderson, Andrews [Andreas?], Andrewson, Arnold, Asbury, Ashbrook, Ashbrooke [Ashbrook], Ashpendale [Ashpendal, Espindele], Aspindale, Aughney, Bagly [Begly], Baker, Baune? [Bane, Bean?], Beal, Beale, Beall, Beaver, Beckwith, Begly [Bagly], Bell, Bent, Berry, Biggins, Black, Blackburn, Blew [Blue], Blue, Bond, Brant, Bray, Brehen, Britten [Britain, Brittain, Brittin], Brown, Buffington, Bumgarner [Bumgardner, Baumgardner, Bomgardner], Bunn, Calmes, Calvin, Carpenter, Carruthers, Caruther [Carruthers], Caruthers, Casey, Cassalman, Casto, Chenoweth, Clapools [Claypool], Cochraine, Coddy, Cody, Colling, Collins, Colvin, Conner, Cooper, Couffmann [Kaufman], Craikes [Crage, Craig], Davis, Deakins, Dew, Dowthitt [Douthit], Espindele, Fetter, Firman [Foreman], Foreman, Forman [Foreman], Fox, French, Freÿ [Fry], Fry, Gaither, Good, Gwynns, Hains [Haines], Hammond, Harbolt [Harpole], Higgins, Hill, Hog, Holliday, Horn, House, Howard, Hughes, Hutchenson, Hutton, Inskeep, Jacob, Jenkins, John, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Keith, Kiger [Kyger], Kirkpatrick, Kuykendall, Lauremer [Larrimore], Leard, Linch, Linicum? [Linthicum?], Linthicum, Littler, Lockerd, Lupton, Lyal [Lyle], Magill, Martin, McBride, McCarty, McGuire, McLaughlin, Messer, Miller, Monroe, Müller [Miller], Murphey, Mynatt, Nallette, Nash, Naylor, Nelson, Nevil [Nevill, Newell], New, Nickson? [Nixon], Nixon, Nixson [Nixon], Norman, Ohara [O'Hara], Oldham, Parke, Parker, Parrell [Parell, Parrill], Pearsall, Pestereen? [Pettersen?, Peterson?], Phipps, Poston, Pugh, Ramsey, Rannells, Recter [Rector], Reed, Reno, Reynolds, Rinker, Rogers, Ronell [Rannells, Reynolds], Ross, Scott, Simms, Smith, Snyder, Sonet, Spade, Sperry, Stagg, Steward, Stewart, Strother, Suinly? [Swimly?], Swimly, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson [Thompson], Todd, Tood [Todd], Wall, Waller, Welch, Welton, Westull [Wostell], White, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wise, Wodrow, Woodrow, Woodward, Young.

No Surname:

Mary, Peg, Peter, Rachel (probate of Ann Aughney ca. 1796); Fanney, George, Noah, Peg, Peter, Rachel, Seal (probate of Darbey Aughney ca. 1795).


John Blue Sr. [Blew] (ca. 1770)
John Blue Sr. (ca. 1791)
Gysbert Bogart [Gysberd, Gyspart Boggart] (ca. 1778)
Jacob Borer [Borrer] (ca. 1778)
William Bowell [Bowel] (ca. 1769)
Richard Boyce [Boyse] (ca. 1791)
Joseph Branson (ca. 1780)
Hybert Brink (ca. 1778)
Daniel Brown (ca. 1780)
Joseph Bruce (ca. 1783)
Ambrose Bryant [Bryan] (ca. 1765)
Lambert Bubert [Buber, Bubber, Buper] (ca. 1775)
William Buffington (ca. 1784)
John Burgon [Burgin] (ca. 1788)
John Campbell (ca. 1796)
Andrew Carlen [Carlin, Carlon] (ca. 1799)
Stephen Chandley [Chandlee] (ca. 1794)
Charity Chapman (ca. 1797)
William Chapman (ca. 1796)
Thomas Combs (ca. 1791)
James Connard [Conrad] (ca. 1796)


Adams, Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Arnold, Asberrey [Asbury], Asbury, Ashbrooke, Baker, Beaker [Baker], Bell, Berry [Barry], Besst [Best], Biggerstaff [Bickerstaff], Bigham [Bigam], Blew [Blue], Blue, Bogart, Borer [Borrer], Borrer, Bowel, Bowell, Bowman, Boyce, Boyse, Brand, Branson, Brink, Brown, Bruce, Bruin, Bryant (Bryan), Bubert [Buber, Bubber, Buper], Buffington, Burgon [Burgin], Burner, Bussard [Buzzard], Butcher, Calmes, Calvin, Campbell, Carder, Carlen [Carlin, Carlon], Carmichael, Carruthers, Chandley [Chandlee], Chapman, Chenoweth, Chew, Clawson, Clayton, Collins, Combs, Connard [Conrad], Conrad [Connard], Cooper, Corbin, Cowden [Couden, Coudin], Critton, Cuningham, Dallas, Daton, Davis, Dayley [Daily, Dailey], Decker, Dew, Dixon, Douthait [Douthit], Douthit, Dowden, Drew, Earsom, Ellifrits [Elefritz, Ellifritz], Elliot, Ely, Enoch, Ermintrout [Armentrout], Evens [Evans], Fisher, Foreman, Forman, Fox, Frazee, Fryback [Friback], Gale, Gassaway, George, Glaze, Good, Gritten [Critton, Gritton], Hall, Hamlten [Hamilton], Hankle [Henkle], Harnass [Harness], Harness, Hawk, Hazle [Hazel], Hearness [Harness], Heath, Helmick, Hider, Higgins, Hite, Hogan, Hollenbach [Hollenback], Holmes, Hornback, Humes, Hutchison, Hutten, Inskeep, Jack, Jacob, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Judy, Keener, Keenir [Keener], Keith, Keykendall [Kuykendall], Kummel?, Kuykendall, Kykendole [Kuykendall], Lander, Larew, Leek, Lewis, Linton, Long, Lorance [Lawrence], Macarty [McCarty], Mackinley, Magill, Mallman, Mallory, Marsh, Martin, Maxwell, McBride, McColloch, McDonnal [McDonald], McElwain, McNeill, Means, Meenes [Means], Millar, Miller, Mitchell, More [Moore], Morsh [Marsh], Mouser, Mullady, Murphy, Myers, Neill [Neal, Neil], Nevel [Nevill], Nevill, Newman, Offord, Pancake, Panons, Parker, Parsons, Pattison [Patterson], Pendleton, Petty, Prunty, Purcell [Pearsall], Randall, Reasun, Reid [Read, Reed], Richards, Richardson, Riche [Richie, Richey], Roby, Rogers, Romain, Ross, Rousau, Roussau, Royse, Rutan, Savage, See, Sellers, Sharewood [Shearwood], Shobe, Simmerman [Zimmerman], Simms, Singleton, Smith, Smock, Smoot, Snyder, Springer, Steel, Stone, Stratford, Strother, Stühr, Sturman, Sullivan, Symor [Seymour], Taylor, Thyger [Kyger], Totten, Tucker, Unger, Vanmeter, Waggoner [Waggener, Wagner], Wallace, Welton, Westfal [Westfall], Westfall, Wiggins, Wilcocks [Wilcox], Williams, Wilson, Wodrow, Worley, Yoakum, Young, Zimerman [Zimmerman, Simmerman].

No Surname:

Sharlott, Willough (probate of Richard Boyce ca. 1791); Defphne [Dafney, Daphney, Daphne], Geelies [Guy?], George, Robert, Sam, Tom, Weny [Winny, Winney] (probate of Daniel Brown ca. 1780).


Philip Cool [Kul] (ca. 1795)
Thomas Cooper (ca. 1799)
Andrew Corn (ca. 1790)
Earnest Coulshine [Collshine, Kohlshein] (ca. 1796)
Robert Cowan (ca. 1795)
Michael Cresap (ca. 1791)
Abel Crosley (ca. 1793)
Samuel Dailey (ca. 1791)
Theodorus Davis (ca. 1767)
Theophilus Davis (ca. 1758)
Luke Decker (ca. 1757)
Edward Delloyzea [Dellazy] (ca. 1763)
James Delloyzea [Dellazy] (ca. 1763)
Robert Denton [Denten] (ca. 1778)
William Dopson [Dobson] (ca. 1798)
Constantine Dougherty (ca. 1764)
Perez Drew (ca. 1797)


Abernathy, Adams, Allen, Armstrong, Ashbrook, Bailey, Barclay, Bateman, Bayles, Belt, Bennet, Berry, Bizer [Biser], Blue, Boice [Boyce], Bone? [Boise?], Bookless, Bowen, Bowles, Brister, Bruin, Buck, Buckless, Burns, Burton, Cahall, Calvin, Campbell, Carder, Carter, Casey, Casteel, Chot [Scott], Chrisman, Churchile [Churchill], Clark, Clarke, Claypool, Cochran, Collier, Collins, Cook, Cool [Kul], Cooper, Corn, Coulshine [Collshine, Kohlshein], Coulter, Coutter [Coulter, Couther], Cowan, Cox, Cresap, Crow, Cunningham, Dailey, Dauden, Davis, Decker, Deen [Dean], Dellazy [Delloyzea], Delloyzea [Dellazy], Delono, Denten [Denton], Dew, Donaldson, Dopson, Dougherty, Douthit [Douthair, Douther], Dowden, Drew, Dyer, Eagen, Ekhart [Eckard], Emery, Ferree, Feson?, Fetter, Fink, Fitzgerald, Foly [Foley], Foreman, Foster, Fought, Fox, French, Gaither, Gallespie [Gillespie], Gallispie [Gillespie], Garrason, Garrison, Gibson, Good, Gray, Gulick, Hall, Hansbrough [Hansborough], Hardy, Hargar, Hargis, Harman, Hasel [Hazel], Havely, Headley, Headly [Headley], Heath, Heinzman, Heiskell, Henderson, Heth, Hider, Higgans [Higgins], Higgins, Hines, Hite, Hofman [Hoffman], Hog, Holme [Holmes], Holmes, Hooff [Haff], Horn, Hornbeck, Hough, Houser, Humphres, Hutten, Hutton, Huxkmister?, Inglis, Innis, Jack, Jacob, James, Jefferson, Jones, Junking, Kahhr?, Keating, Keith, Kimmerly, Kohlshein [Coulshine, Collshine], Konklin [Conklin], Kul [Cool], Kuykendall, Lapp, Larimore, Leese, Leigh, Lighter, Lord, Lyle, Lynch, Machir, Magill, Mallahon, Marshall, Martin, McAtee, McAtte [McAtee], McAttee [McAtee], McBride, McCarty, McChessney [McChisney], McColloch, McCollough, McCoole, McDonald, McDowell, McGuire, McMeekin, McNees, Means, Mellin, Miller, Minroe [Monroe], Mitchell, Moffett, Moran, Mourey, Mouser, Mulady [Mullady, Mulledy], Mulleday [Mullady], Mulledy [Mullady], Nailor, Neff, Nelson, Newman, Norman, Parker, Parsons, Pierceall [Pearsall], Poland, Pool, Poston, Powers, Prather, Price, Purcell [Pearsall], Purssell [Pearsall], Putman, Raey [Reay], Randal [Randall], Randolph, Rawlings, Reay [Raey], Resoner, Richardson, Richarson [Richardson], Rife, Rinker, Roberts, Robinson, Rolls [Raulls], Ross, Ruddell [Ruddle], Runyon, Rutherford, Sage, Schrock, Scott, Seymour [Seymore], Shepley, Short, Shorts, Simons, Sinerells, Sloan, Smalley, Smith, Snyder, Southward, Stalker, Starr, Stephens, Stephenson, Sturman, Sullivan, Swann, Tagart [Taggart, Tygart], Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Tomas [Thomas], Twilly, Vance, Vandivear [Vandivere], Vandiver [Vandivear], Vandivere, Vowless [Vowles, Bowles], Walker, Warden, Warring, Watts, Weltn [Welton], Welton, Westfall, White, Wiggins, Williams, Woddrow [Wodrow], Wodrow, Wright, Young.

No Surname:

Bett, Lydda, Sally (probate of Michael Cresap ca. 1791); Gilburd (probate of Robert Denton ca. 1778); Cate, Daniel (probate of Perez Drew ca. 1797).


John Earsom [Ahrsam, Earsam, Ersome] (ca. 1790)
Simon Earsom [Earsome, Earsam] (ca. 1796)
David Edwards (ca. 1779)
Joseph Edwards (ca. 1782)
Thomas Edwards (ca. 1791)
John Elswick [Ellswick] (ca. 1759)
Isaac Ely (ca. 1796)
Peter Engell [Engel, Engle] (ca. 1793)
Thomas Fairley [Fearly] (ca. 1782)
John Filling (ca. 1797)
Adam Fischer [Fisher] (ca. 1783)
Edward Fitzgerald (ca. 1793)
Patrick Fitzpatrick (ca. 1758)


Alderton [Olderton], Alexander, Anderson, Ashbrook, Baker, Barth [Beard], Beall, Belsford [Belford], Biser, Blair, Bogard, Brink, Brown, Buck, Burns, Butcher, Buzzard, Calmes, Campbell, Carlyle [Carlisle], Caudy, Chenoweth [Chenowith], Chinoeth [Chenoweth, Chenowith], Chisshir [Cheshire], Cuningham [Cunningham], Cunningham, Curlet [Curlett, Curlatt], Cuthbert, Daton, Dunn, Earsom [Ahrsam, Earsam, Ersome], Earsome, Edwards, Ellswick [Elswick], Elswick, Ely, Engel, Engell [Engle], Engle, Enold [Arnold], Fairley [Fearly], Filling, Fischer [Fisher], Fisher, Fitzgerald, Fonts, Foreman, Forman, Fox, French, Gard, Glascow, Goff, Guffick, Harness, Heath, Heitt [Hiatt], Hiett [Hiatt], Higgins, Hines [Hinds], Horn, Hornbeck, How, Howard, Hume, Hyat [Hiett, Hiatt], Inskeep, Inskipe [Inskeep], Jacob, Jenkins, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jonson [Johnson], Kettle, Lantz, Largent, Lear, Linn, Long, Loos, Lynch, Mace, Mahony, Martin, Mason, Maxwell, McBride, McDonald, McGuire, McHaney, Miles, Moirs [Myer, Myers], Moore, Morrow, Murdoch, Murphy, Neale, Nevill, Newman, Nickson [Nixon], Ogom [Ogin, Ongan], Oldaker, Olderton [Alderton], Ozbourn [Osborne], Pancake, Park, Parke, Parker, Parsons, Pearsall, Petty, Poetre [Porter], Porter, Poston, Powel, Pritchard, Pugh, Ragen [Ragan, Reagan], Randall, Rannells [Reynolds], Ratcliff, Reagan [Ragan, Ragen], Rennalls [Rannells, Reynolds], Schuck [Shook], Scott, See, Sey [See], Shanklin, Shoff, Slain, Slane, Smith, Starn, Steel, Stephen [Stephens], Taaffe [Taaf, Taass], Taylor, Thompson, Vanmeter, Ward, Warner, Welton, Westfall, White, Widner, Williams, Wilson, Wodrow, Wolf, Woodrow [Wodrow], Yengling [Yingling], Yokem [Yokum], Yokom [Yokum], Youkam [Yokam].

No Surname:

Fran (probate of Adam Fischer ca. 1783).


David Forman [Foreman] (ca. 1795)
John Forman [Foreman] (ca. 1797)
Thomas Forman [Foreman] (ca. 1765)
Capt. William Forman [Foreman] (ca. 1778)
Gabriel Fox (ca. 1799)
James French (ca. 1773)
William Gaddis [Gadis, Geadas] (ca. 1773)
Matthew Georg [George] (ca. 1783)
John Gillmer [Gilmore] (ca. 1773)
Elizabeth Glasgow [Glasco] (ca. 1763)
Jacob Goode [Good] (ca. 1780)
Cornelius Haff (ca. 1795)
John Haggerty [Haggarty, Hagerty] (ca. 1796)
Michael Harness [Ernest] (ca. 1785)
Mary Magdalen Hart [Hard, Head, Heard] (ca. 1776)
Judiah Higgins (ca. 1796)
Thomas Higgins [Higgings] (ca. 1762)
Daniel Hornbeck (ca. 1778)
John Hornbeck (ca. 1768)
Hugh Hughes (ca. 1763)
William Hughes (ca. 1767)
Michael Huttor [Heatn, Heater, Heator, Hutter] (ca. 1796)
Enoch Innis Jr. (ca. 1783)
James Inskeep (ca. 1767)


Alexander, Allen, Alt, Anderson, Asberry [Asbury], Aspindale [Ashpendale], Bacorn, Bagly, Baker, Barritt [Barret], Beall, Blew [Blue], Blue, Bonfiele, Buffington, Calvin, Carlyle, Carlen [Carlin, Carlon], Carpenter, Carroll, Carruthers, Cassalman, Caster, Chenoweth, Clark, Coffman, Collins, Colvin, Colyer [Collier], Conner, Corban, Corbin, Corn, Coulter, Cresap, Cunningham, Curtright [Cartwright], Cutteract, Decker, Dew, Dewit, Dopson, Dorn [Thorn], Drew, Eby, Edwards, Elington, Elly [Ely], Ely, Enoch, Ernest [Harness], Ferree, Foreman [Forman], Forman [Foreman], Fox, French, Freÿ [Fry], Fry, Gaddis [Gadis, Geadas], Gadis [Gaddis], Garner, Georg [George], George, Gillmer [Gilmore], Gilmer [Gilmore], Glasgow [Glasco], Glenn, Goode [Good], Gray, Groves, Guynn [Gwynn, Gwynne], Haff, Hagerty [Haggerty], Haggerty [Haggarty], Hardy, Harness, Hart [Hard, Heard], Head [Hard, Hart, Heard], Heath, Heiskell, Hider, Hiett [Hiatt], Higgings [Higgins], Higgins, Hornbeck, Houghland, How, Howell, Hughes, Hurs, Hutten [Hutton], Huttor [Heatn, Heater, Heator, Hutter], Innis, Inskeep, Irons, Jacob, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Josaph, Junking, Kautzmann [Coutzman, Couchman], Kesner, Kimle [Kimble], King, Kuykendall, Lander, Largent, Larrance [Lawrence], Leard, Leary, Lerue [Lerew, Larue], Lewis, Livingston, MacDowell [McDowell], March [Marige, Marse], Marige [Marse, March], Mathew [Mathews], McBride, McCollom, McGill [Magill], McGuire, Mcmchen [McMechin, McMeekin], Millar [Miller], Monroe, Murphy, Mustard, Myers, Nevill, Newkirk, Newman, Osborne [Ozmond], Parke, Parker, Parsons, Peters, Petty, Powell, Pugh, Randall, Rich, Robinson, Rogers [Rodgers], Ronomus [Heronimus], Rouse, Roussau, Rugless, Ryan, Sears, See, Shebler? [Shipler], Shipler, Shook, Sinet [Sinnet], Sinnet, Slagle, Smith, Ston [Stone], Stump, Swim, Taylor, Tevarbough, Thompson, Tipton, Totton, Trumbo, Tuckwell, Turke, Vallintine [Valentine], Vanmeter, Vansboskerk [Vanbuskirk], Warren, West, Wily [Wiley], Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wodrow, Wright, Yark [Yark], Yoakem [Yoakum, Yoakam], Yoakum [Yokum], Zee.

No Surname:

Daniel (probate of James French ca. 1773); Manuel, Rachel, Will (probate of Michael Harness ca. 1785); Dinah, Jes, Jupiter, Joshua, Mark (probate of John Foreman ca. 1797); Tom, Lonnon, Gane, Sall, Suck (probate of Matthew Georg ca. 1783); Charles, Charlot, John, Nancey, Will (Enoch Innis Jr. probate ca. 1783).


Joseph Inskeep (ca. 1783)
Joseph Janney [Janny] (ca. 1795)
Jacob Jenkins (ca. 1795)
Jonathan Jenkins (ca. 1787)
William Jennings (ca. 1778)
Okey Johnson (ca. 1788)
William Johnson (ca. 1794)
John Jones (ca. 1794)
Peter Jones (ca. 1795)
Martin Judy (ca. 1785)
Martin Judy Jr. (ca. 1783)
George Kail [Kale, Kehl] (ca. 1797)
John Keating [Keyton] (ca. 1769)
Absalom Kent (ca. 1767)
Francis Keyes (ca. 1799)
James Keyes [Keys] (ca. 1797)
William Kimzey [Kimsay] (ca. 1779)
Abraham Kuykendall (ca. 1779)


Adams, Anderson, Armer, Arnold, Atchison, Aughney, Baker, Beal [Beale, Beall], Beall, Beaver, Berry, Bierly [Byerly], Blackburn, Bonel, Borah [Borer, Borror], Borror, Bowers, Brannan, Brown, Buffington, Bush, Byrn, Calmes, Calvin, Campbell, Caplinor [Caplinger], Capper, Carmichael, Carpenter, Caudy, Chenoweth, Chery [Cherry], Clain [Cline, Kline], Clark, Claypool, Collins, Combs, Conrad, Conrod [Conrad], Copper, Cottrill, Cox, Cullens, Cuningham [Cunningham], Cunningham, Cunrad [Conrad], Cuppy, Curtis, Darling, Darlinton [Darlington], Davis, Decker, Denten [Denton], Devore, Dew, Dixon, Due [Dew], Duton [Dutton], Enoch, Everman [Eberman, Ebermann, Aberman, Abermann], Fiddler, Findley, Finley, Fisher, Forgeson [Ferguson], Forman [Foreman], Free, Fullerton, Gaddis, Garman, Gaurd [Gard, Guard], George, Glaze, Griffith, Grove, Guard [Gard, Gaurd], Haff, Haggard, Hale, Hall, Hammack [Hammock], Harman, Harness, Harper, Hayhurst, Heath, Hider, Higgins, Hinch, Hite, Hofman [Huffman], Hoge, Hogland [Hougland], Hoke [Hoak], Hoober [Hoover], Horn, Hougland [Hougland], Howell, Hunter, Hyder [Hider], Hye, Innis, Inscape [Inskeep], Inseip [Inskeep], Inskeep, Inskip [Inskeep], Jacobs, Janney [Janny], Jenkins, Jennings, Johns, Johnson, Jones, Judy, Kail, Kale, Keating [Keyton], Kehl [Kail], Keller, Kent, Keyes, Keys [Keyes], Kimberlin, Kimzey, Kinnady [Kennedy], Kiser, Kline, Kuykendall, Lafollit [Lafolet, Lafollette], Lawson, Lewis, Lockharts [Lockhart], Lupton, Lynn, Magill, Mallo [Mallow], Mars [Marrs, Mors], Martin, McArthur, McBride, McCarver, McCoole, McGill [Magill], McHendry [McHenry], McKever, McNeal [McNeil, McNeill], McVicker [McVickers], Meredith [Meridth], Millar [Miller], Miller, Monday, Monroe, Morrow, Mors [Mars], Moser, Mouse, Murphy [Murphey], Myers, Neavill [Nevill], Nevill, Nichols, Norman, OHarra [O'Hara], Parker, Parsons, Payne, Peeg [Pegg], Peeggs, Pegg, Penninton [Pennington], Poage, Porton, Poston, Pritchard, Prunty, Pugh, Purcell, Purcill [Purcell], Pyles, Racye [Racey], Randall, Rinehart [Rhinehart], Riser [Rizer], Robinson, Rogene, Rogers, Ross, Roussau, Ruddell [Ruddle], Sanderson, Schoonhoven, Scott, Seymour, Shobe, Shuts?, Smith, Smock, Snyder, Sofolk [Suffolk], Spade [Spaid], Stagg, Steenbergen, Stewart, Stump, Sullivan, Swaringin [Swearingon], Switzer, Taylor, Terry, Totton [Totten], Turke [Turk], Vanmeter, Weaver, Welton, White, Wilkin [Wilkins], Williams, Wodrow, Woodrow [Wodrow], Wright.

No Surname:

Phellis (probate of Abraham Kuykendall ca. 1779).


John Kuykendall [Kirkingdall] (ca. 1782)
George Kyger (ca. 1798)
Philip Lambert [Lamberg, Lambirt] (ca. 1780)
Jacob Larew [Larue] (ca. 1784)
John Larew [Larue] (ca. 1795)
Moses Lawson [Lawsan] (ca. 1793)
Thomas Lawson (ca. 1796)
Thomas Leary [Lary] (ca. 1775)
Christopher Leek [Leck] (ca. 1778)
Henry Lewis (ca. 1775)
Jacob Lock (ca. 1785)
Andrew Lockhart (ca. 1762)
Conrad Lutts (ca. 1770)
Robert Lynn (ca. 1795)
William Mahen (ca. 1787)
Nathaniel Manning (ca. 1777)
Ann Marlow (ca. 1794)
Henry Marsh [Martch, Morsh] (ca. 1787)
Matthias Marsh (ca. 1797)
James Martin (ca. 1759)
Alexander McBride (ca. 1795)
Archibald McBride (ca. 1781)


Abenarthy [Abernathy], Adle [Odle, Oddle], Algire [Alkire], Andres, Armstrong, Arnett, Ashby, Baker, Bakr [Baker], Balis [Bayless], Ballice [Bayless], Beall, Beckner, Bivan [Bevan, Bevins], Bowel, Bowen, Brink, Brise [Price], Brockhart, Brookhart, Brown, Brukhart [Brookhart, Brukhardt], Butcher, Buzzard, Calvin, Campbell, Carpenter, Carson, Carter, Casey, Casselman, Clark, Collings, Conner, Conrod [Conrad], Constant, Constent, Coonrod [Conrad], Cooper, Corbin, Corn, Cornell, Cowhick, Danford, Dangerfider [Dangerfield], Davis, Dawson, Dew, Dorn [Thorn], Dowden, Drew, Dunkle, Evans, Fairley, Fetter, Finney, Forman, Fout, Fox, Fraser, Gabriel, Ginnea [Janney?], Green, Haff, Harness, Harrison, Hedge, Heinzman, Henkle [Hankle], Hider, Hinds, Hite, Hoff[Huff, Haff], Hollenbach [Hollenback], Hornback [Hornbeck], Howell, Hugh, Huston, Inskeep, Jack, Jackson, Jacob, Jacson [Jackson], James, Janney, Johns, Johnson, Jones, Jung [Young], Kail, Kenedy [Kennedy], Kight, Kimberlin, Kimmerlin, King, Kirkingdall [Kuykendall], Kuykendall, Kyger, Lambert [Lamberg, Lambirt], Larew, Largent, Larue, Lawsan [Lawson], Lawson, Leary [Lary], Leck [Leek], Leek [Leck], Legate [Leggett], Lewis, Lock, Lockhart, Long, Lorentz [Lorance, Lawrence], Lutts, Lyle, Lynn, Magill, Mahen, Manks, Manning, Maon, March, Marlow, Marsh [Martch, Morsh], Martch [March], Martin, Mase [Mace], Mason, Mathew, McAlister [McAlester], McBride, McCarty, McCoole, McElwain, McGuire, McKinley, McMahan, McMeekin, McQuillen [McQuilling], Meanes [Means], Means, Mecrakin [McCracken], Meÿer [Miers, Meyers, Myers], Miller, Minneer [Minnear], Mitchel, Mitchell, Monroe, Moore, Morgan, Morgen [Morgan], Mulledy [Mullady], Murphey [Murphy], Murphy, Muselman [Musselman], Musselman, Mustleman [Musselman], Myers, Neiff, Newman, Odle [Oddle], Parker, Parsons, Patterson, Pearsall, Pearse, Peerce, Peters, Petty, Pickering, Poerte [Porter], Price, Pursell [Purcell], Ragan, Ragin [Ragan], Randall, Ranells [Reynolds], Rannells, Rannels, Ravenscroft, Rawoolts?, Rees [Reese], Reid [Reed], Renick, Rice [Royce], Rogers, Ross, Royce [Rice], Royse, Ryan, Savears, Scott, Seaver, Sharaden, Shebler? [Shipler], Shepherd, Sherrard, Shipler, Shobe, Shores, Shors [Shores], Sinks, Smith, Snyder, Spicer, Starn, Stephens, Swaim [Swim, Swain], Swann, Tarvin, Taylor, Thompson, Thorn, Treagle [Treakle], Vandiver, Vanmeter, Vause, Vors [Vause], Waggoner, Walker, Welton, Westfall, Westfaul [Westfall], White, Whiteman, Williams, Williamson, Wise, Witzel [Whetzel], Wodrow, Woodrow [Wodrow].

No Surname:

Abraham, Barbary, Beck, Betsey, Danl, Darkey, Dinah, George, Grace, Hagar, Jack, Jack Junr, Joseph, Lucy, Nell, Pheby, Rachel, Sam, Susannah, Tamer (probate of Thomas Lawson ca. 1796).


Patrick McCarty (ca. 1764)
Jane McCracken [Jean McCraken] (ca. 1767)
William McCracken [Mecrakin, McCrakin] (ca. 1782)
Heleche Vanmeter McCulloch [Hellicha, Hellijah, McCullogh, McCollock] (ca. 1758)
John McCully (ca. 1760)
Donald aka Daniel McDaniel (see Donald McDonald)
John McDaniel (see John McDonald)
Donald McDonald [aka Daniel, Dannal; McDaniel, McDannal and other variations] (ca. 1799)
John McDonald [McDonnald, McDanel, McDaniel] (ca. 1768)
Peter McDougal [Petter McDugal, McDougall] (ca. 1796)
Elizabeth McGuire (ca. 1786)
Rachel McGuire [Meguire] (ca. 1793)
William McGuire [Meguire] (ca. 1790)


Ahret [Arrett, Ahrens, Arrent], Alburtis, Alderton, Alexander, Anderson, Arret [Arrett], Arrett, Ashby, Bailey, Barbridge, Barnes, Bedinger, Begly [Bagley, Begley], Bell, Bond, Bookless, Brant, Brien [Bryan], Briggs, Brint, Burbridge, Busby, Calvin [Colvin], Campble [Campbell], Carruthers, Carty [McCarty], Casey, Clark, Collins, Colvin [Calvin], Constant, Corn, Cowden, Cox, Crawford, Cresap, Crisman, Critten, Critton, Cyrus, Daniel (McDonald), Davis, Dawson, Dew, Donal [McDonald], Donaldson, Doudin, Drew, Easter, Ellzey [Elsey], Fether, Fetter, Flint, Forman, Foutey, Fryback, Gaither, Gale, Gammage, Garaghty, Gibbeney [Gibboney], Godwin, Gregg, Gritten, Gritton, Haff, Haines, Hall, Hardin, Heath, Hedges, Hedgs [Hedges], Hilliary, Hines, Hite, Holliday [Holiday], Hornbaker, Hougland, Hynes [Hines], Inskeep, Jackson, Jacob, Jefferies, Jenkins, Johnson, Joiner, Jones, Keith, Kennedy, Kern, Lancaster, Leyburn, Linch, Macdonald, Magill, Malcom, Malcome, Manker, McCartney, McCarty, McColloch [McCullock], McCoole, McCracken, McCraken, McCrakin, McCulloch [McCullogh, McCollock], McCully, McDanel, McDaniel, McDannal, McDonald, McDonell, McDonnald, McDonold, McDougal [McDugall], McDougall, McGuire, McKarty [McCarty], McKeernan, McKeirnan, McMahon, McMonegle [McMunnegle], M[']Donnol, Means, Mecrakin [McCracken], Meguire, Micdannl, Millar [Miller], Miller, Minnear, Mitchel [Mitchell], Mitchell, Morrow, Murphy [Murphey], Nevill, Neville, Offord, Osmon, Osmun, Parker, Parmer, Parremore, Parsons, Pearsall [Pierceall], Peerce, Pool, Price, Pursel, Read, Reno, Riggs, Right [Wright], Rine, Roberts, Rogers, Rosenberg, Rutherford, Savage, Seaver, Shriver, Slicer, Slyder, Smith, Steenbergen, Sterret, Sterrett, Stoker, Swaim [Swim], Swan, Templeman, Thomas, Thompson, Tygart [Taggart], Vanansdeln, Vanmeter, Vause, Waggoner, Watters, Welton, White, Wiggins [Wiggans], Wodrow, Wright, Young.

No Surname:

Bill, Maria, Peggy, Suzy (probate of Donald McDonald ca. 1799); Eve, Hary [Harry], Jem, Petter, Sall, (probate of Peter McDougal ca. 1796).


John McIlgeer [McIlgere] (ca. 1776)
Darby McKever [McKeever] (ca. 1758)
Samuel McMurry [McMurray] (ca. 1764)
John Henry Millar [Miller] (ca. 1792)
Isaac Miller (ca. 1794)
John Miller (ca. 1795)
Matthew Miller (ca. 1767)
Thomas Miller (ca. 1781)
Windell Miller [Millier] (ca. 1764)
John Minnear (ca. 1796)
Jacob Mitts (ca. 1757)
Philip Moore [Moor] (ca. 1772)
Philip Moore (ca. 1778)
John Morrison [Morison] (ca. 1777)
Leonard Nave [Nef, Neiff] (ca. 1778)
Peter New (ca. 1788)
George Nickson [Nixon] (ca. 1793)
William Nickson [Nixon] (ca. 1781)
John Norman (ca. 1783)
James Noteman (ca. 1784)
Peter Obar (ca. 1782)
John Oldham (ca. 1765)
Arthur O'Neal [O'Neale] (ca. 1761)


Adams, Alexander, Armstrong, Arnhold [Arnold], Arnol [Arnold], Arnolt [Arnold], Arnold, Arnolde, Asbury, Aughney, Bab, Bell, Biser [Bizer, Byser], Bizer, Blackburn, Blue, Blunt, Brandenburg, Bridges, Brown, Bryan, Buffington, Bullitt, Byzer [Biser], Cailer, Carnend, Carpenter, Casey, Cassalman, Cassey [Casey], Caudy, Chinoweth, Chenoweth, Cobun, Collins, Cooper, Corn, Coulan, Cresap, Cuppy, Curle, Davis, Decker, Dew, Douthit, Dowden, Eckhart [Eckard, Eckert], Edgington, Eller [Ellor], Ellis, Ely, Engle, Evens [Evans], Fink, Fleming, Forman, Fox, Frazee, Freÿ [Fry], Friethrich [Frederick], Frum, Fry, Gard [Guard], Glaze, Good, Green, Greenwell, Hahl [Kale, Kail], Halberd, Hartmann [Hartman], Hartmin [Hartman], Heath, Hedges, Heisman, Herrmon, Hershman, Higgins, Hills, Hite, Hofman, Hook, Horn, Hornback [Hornbeck], Horsha, Hougland, Hufman [Hofman, Huffman], Humphryes [Humphreys, Humphries], Humphstoot [Umstott], Jaco, James, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Jorden [Jordan], Kail [Kale], Kant [Kent], Kappe [Cuppy], Keith, Killam, Kreager, Kuykendall, Lewis, Listin, Lynch, Lyon, Magill, Mantam, Martan [Martin], Mauren [Mason], Maurer [Mason], Mayer, McCarty, McCearty [McCarty], McDonald, McGill [Magill], McIlgeer [McIlgere], McKever [McKeever], McMurry [McMurray], McMury, McNeil, Millar, Miller, Minnear, Mitts, Moore, Morrison, Mulledy, Nave [Neff, Neiff], Neal [O'Neal], Nef [Nave, Neff], Neff, New, Newbanks, Newhouse, Nickson [Nixon], Nixon, Norman, Noteman, Obar, Oldham, O'Neal [O'Neale], Parker, Peizer [Biser, Bizer], Peters, Petibon [Pettibone], Pflaum [Plum, Plumb], Powel [Powell], Pugh, Purcell, Ramsey, Rannells [Rannels], Rawe [Roy], Read, Reed, Remsey [Ramsey], Rezoner [Reasner, Reasener], Ross, Rothtruck, Rotrock [Rotruck], Rotruck, Roye [Roy], Sears, Seaver, See, Shannon, Shebler [Shipler], Shuck [Shook], Sloan, Smart, Smith, Snyder, Spade [Spaid], Spurlin, Starkey, Stevens, Stevins [Stevens], Sturman, Tanney [Taney, Tamney], Tarpley [Taply], Taylor, Thomas, Thorn, Toms, Umostott [Umstott], Umpstadt, Umpstatt, Umspstod, Umpstodt, Umpstott, Umstat, Umstatt, Umstodt, Umstot, Umstott, Unstot, Utt, Utts, Vandiveer, VanMeter, Vause, VenMeter [VanMeter], Watts, Welsh, Welton, Wexlor, White, Williams, Wodrow.

No Surname:

Abraham, Ben, Salle, Peter (probate of George Nickson ca. 1793).


Daniel O'Neal [Oneale] (ca. 1754)
George Osborn [Osburn, Ozborn] (ca. 1784)
Isaac Osmun [Osburn, Osman, Osmond, Ozman, Ozmand, Ozmond] (ca. 1784)
Elizabeth Osmun [Osmon, Osmund, Osmond, Ozmund, Ozmond, Ozmand] (ca. 1784)
Jabez Osmond [Ozmund, Osmun, Osmund] (ca. 1783)
Richard Paine (ca. 1771)
Daniel Palmer (ca. 1777)
Mary Palmer (ca. 1758)
Andrew Pancake [Pankake, Pannekuche] (ca. 1793)
George Park [Parks] (ca. 1759)
Andrew Parke (ca. 1790)
Roger Parke (ca. 1773)
George Parker Jr. (ca. 1757)
George Parker Sr. (ca. 1758)
John Parker (ca. 1760)


Alexander, Ancker, Arnold, Asbrook [Ashbrook], Ashbrook, Ashmore, Bacor Rigdun [Baker Rigdon], Baker, Bell, Bruer, Buffington, Calmes, Casey, Cassedy, Chenoweth, Chineoath [Chenoweth], Claypole, Claypool, Claypoole, Cobun, Collins, Colvin, Constant, Coulson, Daley, Darling, David, Davis, Denton, Dew, Doughtheard [Douther], Douther, Douthit, Ely, Fitzwater, Forman, Formon [Forman], Fox, Funk, Goodpaster [Goodpasture], Goodpasture, Hammer, Haras [Harris], Harras [Harris], Harris, Headg [Hedges], Heath, Hedges, Hedgs [Hedges], Hedrick, Hedricks, Higgins, Hoge [Hog, Hogg], Hogg, Humphreys, Irison, Jackson, Jones, Jonson [Johnson], Keith, King, Kuykendall, Lafferty, Lander, Largent, Leaseay, Leasey, MacFaren, McCarty, McColloch, McCracken, McCrakin [Mecraken], McFeron, McGuire, McGuyear [McGuire], McMurry, McNeas, McNees [McNeas], Mecrakin [McCracken], Millar [Miller], Miller, Mitchell, Mosley, Nekson [Nickson, Nixon], Nelonds [Neeland], Nevill, Newland, O'Neal, ONeale, Orsburn, Osborn, Osburn, Osman, Osmon, Osmond, Osmun, Osmund, Ozborn, Ozburn, Ozman, Ozmand, Ozmond, Ozmund, Paine, Palmer, Pancake, Pankeke, Pannekuche [Pancake], Park [Parks], Parke, Parker, Parrel, Parrill, Patten, Poston, Puffin?, Pugh, Randall, Rannalls, Risonar [Reasner, Reasoner], Ross, Rubart, Ruddell [Ruddle], Ruddle, Rutter, Ryan, Sadouski [Sadowski], Savers [Seavers], Seaver, Shannon, Shepherd, Sheppard, Shin [Shinn], Slye [Sly], Smith, Sriver, Stackhouse, Stephen, Talbott, Tallbott, Tane [Teens], Teebolt [Theobald], Thomas, Thompson, Throckmorton, Throgmorton [Throckmorton], Vanmeter, Ward, Weathrigton [Weatherington], Wiggins, Willet, Wodrow, Wood, Wright, Young.

No Surname:

None on this disc.


Daniel Parks (ca. 1782)
Thomas Parsens [Parsons] (ca. 1772)
James Patton (ca. 1757)
Nicholas Paugh [Poch] (ca. 1785)
Bithia Pearsall [Bithiah, Bethiah Pearsal] (ca. 1770)
Job Pearsall (ca. 1770)
Catherine Peters (ca. 1766)
Peter Peters [Peter] (ca. 1773)
Lawrence Pope (ca. 1761)
Joseph Powel [Powell] (ca. 1771)
Michael Powers Jr. [Power, Bauer] (ca. 1758)
Michael Powers Sr. [Power, Bauer] (ca. 1758)
William Price (ca. 1785)
Joseph Pritchard (ca. 1768)
Samuel Pritchard (ca. 1777)
Daniel Pugh (ca. 1794)
Jonathan Pugh (ca. 1794)
Edward Purcell (ca. 1782)
Peter Putman (ca. 1794)
John Ramsey (ca. 1757)
Jane Rannells (ca. 1797)
William Rannells [Rennells] (ca. 1794)
Daniel Ratcliff [Rattcliff, Ratcliffe] (ca. 1784)
Jacob Reasoner (ca. 1797)
Michael Redenbough [Reddenbaug, Reddenbaugh] (ca. 1757)
Ann Reed [Reid] (ca. 1780)
Jacob Reed [Reid] (ca. 1778)


Abernathy, Alexander, Algier [Alkier], Andrews, Ashbrook, Aughney, Bab, Baker, Barhuff, Bayne, Beaker [Baker], Beall, Becket, Beidert, Beidertt, Bell, Benet, Berry, Blue, Bogard, Bomgarner [Bumgardner, Baumgardner], Booth, Bosley, Branan, Bray, Brodhag, Brown, Buffington, Buffinton [Buffington], Byrn, Calmes, Calvin, Campbell, Carpenter, Cartright [Courtright], Casey, Cassalman [Castleman], Cassetty, Castleman, Casy [Casey], Caussleman [Casselman], Chery [Cherry], Churchill, Claypole [Claypool], Cobun, Colley, Collins, Cowefelt [Cowfelt], Cresap, Cunningham, Cunninghame [Cunningham], Currathers, Custard, Cutright [Cartright, Cartwright], Daily [Dailey], Davisson, Dew, Divebogh [Teverbaugh, Tifebogh], Dixon, Donaldson, Dorn [Thorn], Douthit, Dowden, Dunmore, Dyer, Ersom [Earsom], Fleming, Forguson [Ferguson], Forman, Freÿ [Fry], Fry, Good, Gordon, Haldeman, Hambleton [Hamilton], Harness, Hart, Hartley, Haven, Hedges, Hews, Hider, Hinsman, Hite, Hogan, Holm, Hornback [Hornbeck], Hornbeck, Hornbek [Hornbeck], Hufman [Huffman], Humes, James, Johns, Johnson, Jones, Keith, Keran, Keyes, King, Knave [Nave, Neff, Neiff], Kuykendall, Kyger, Lange, Lansisco, Linton, Long, Lyle, Lynch, Lyon, Mackuman, Magill, Martin, Maunts, Mäurer [Mason], Mcarty [McCarty], McCoole, McFadian [McFadin, McFadden], McFadin [McFadian, McFadden], McGuire, Miers [Myers], Moore, Morsh [Marsh], Munks, Murphey, Murrey, Myers, Mynatt, Myres [Myers], Naffe [Nafe, Nave, Neff, Neiff], Noel, Noell, Nowel, Pancake, Parker, Parks, Parsens [Parsons], Parsons, Patton, Paugh [Poch], Pearsal [Pearsall], Pearsall, Peter, Peters, Pettey [Petty], Pope, Poston, Powel [Powell], Powell, Power, Powers, Price, Pritchard, Prunty, Pugh, Purcell, Putman, Radcliff, Rambow, Ramsay, Ramsey, Randall, Randolph, Rannells, Ratcliff [Rattcliff, Ratcliffe], Ratliff, Read [Reed], Reasoner, Redenbough [Reddenbaug, Reddenbaugh], Redenham, Reed [Reid], Rees [Reese], Rennells [Rannells], Reno, Rian [Ryan], Richdson [Richardson], Rife [Rives], Riley, Rives [Rife], Rodgers, Rollings [Rollins], Ross, Roussau, Ryan, Savage, Seaver, See, Shipler [Shepler], Sleeth, Smith, Snyder, Steeburgen [Steinbergen, Steenbargen], Steenbargen [Steinbergen], Stewart, Sullivan, Switzer, Taggart, Taylor, Tevebough [Teverbaugh], Thebeboth [Teverbaugh], Thomas, Thompson, Thomson [Thompson], Thorn, VanMeter, Varvil, Vause, VnMeter [Vanmeter], Waite, Ward, Watson, Welton, Werbel, Werstell [Worstel, Wostell],Westfall, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wodrow, Wood, Worley, Wurly [Wurley], Yeator [Yeater, Yetter], Yoakam [Yokum].

No Surname:

Berry, Mary (probate of Thomas Parsens ca. 1772); Sambo, Sarah, Rachel [daughter of Barb], Rachel [daughter of Hannah] (probate of Daniel Pugh ca. 1794); Dick, Trusty, Clary (probate of Jonathan Pugh ca. 1794); Andrew, Dinah (probate of William Rannells ca. 1794).


Reed - see also Reid
John Reed [Read, Reid] (ca. 1776)
Leonard Reed [Read] (ca. 1757)
Nancy Reed (ca. 1779)
Peter Reed [Reid] (ca. 1763)
Anthony Regar [Reeger, Reger] (ca. 1770)
Anthony Regar, Jr. [Antoney Reger, Reeger] (ca. 1778)
Henry Regar [Reeger, Reger] (ca. 1778)
Reid - see also Reed
Eleanor Reid [Read, Reed] (ca. 1795)
George Reid [Reed] (ca. 1793)
George Rennick [Renick, Rennock] (ca. 1778)
James Renick [Ranix, Rennick] (ca. 1777)
Ann Richards (ca. 1773)
John Riggs (ca. 1772)
Louden Roberts [Robberds] (ca. 1798)
Benjamin Robinson [Roberson, Roerson] (ca. 1759)
Joseph Robinson [Roberson, Roerson] (ca. 1759)
David Rogers (ca. 1783)
John Rogers (ca. 1797)
Francis Ross (ca. 1762)
William Ross (ca. 1760)
John Ryan (ca. 1760)
Andrew Sadowski (ca. 1766)
John Savage (ca. 1791)
Hannah Scott (ca. 1758)
William Scott (ca. 1768)
James Sears (ca. 1783)


Armstrong, Backer, Bagley, Baker, Barton, Buffington, Burden, Casety [Cassidy], Casey, Casidy [Cassidy], Cassity [Cassidy], Chenoeth [Chinoweth], Chenoweth [Chinoweth], Cherry, Chinoweth, Churchill, Cobun, Cock, Collins, Collons [Collins], Crabtree, Cragehead, Cresap, Darling, Daton, Dew, Donaldson, Dopson, Dorn [Thorn], Duling, Ely, Enoch, Enocks [Enoch], Fetter, Finnecy, Forman [Foreman], Freÿ [Fry], Getthens, Giboney [Gibboney], Gibson, Hammer, Hammon, Hardin, Harniss [Harness], Heath, Hedger, Hickle [Hinkle], Hider, Hog, Hoge, Hornback [Hornbeck], Humphryes [Humphries], Hutton, Inskeep, Jackson, Jacob, James, Jenny, Johnson, Jones, Keith, Kuykendal [Kuykendall], Kuykendall, Lafollit [Lafollette], Lewis, Littler, Lynch, Mason, McCarty, McDonald, McGuier [McGuire], McGuire, McVicker [McVickers], Metheney [Methany], Miense? [Means?], Miller, Mitchel [Mitchell], Moor [Moore], Moore, Morsh [Marsh], Murphey, Murphy, Myers, Nave [Neiff, Neff], Neavill [Nevill], Nevill, Parrell, Parrill [Parrell], Parsens [Parsons], Parsons, Peircall [Pearsall], Powell, Pugh, Randall, Ranix [Rennick], Ravencroft, Ravenscroft, Read, Reed, Reeger [Regar, Reger], Reid, Renick [Rennick], Rennick, Rennock [Rennick], Reuger [Reger], Richards, Riggs, Rndall [Randall], Robberds [Roberts], Roberson [Robinson], Roberts, Robinson, Roerson [Robinson], Rogers, Ross, Rousau [Roussau], Rowel, Roye, Ryan, Sadowski, Saduskees [Sadowski], Savage, Scott, Sears, Seaver, Sedowski [Sadowski], Seduske [Sadowski], Seymour, Shebler [Shipler], Shook, Shuck [Shook], Singleton, Smith, Spilman, Stallneckr [Stalnaker], Stump, Taylor, Tevebock [Teverbaugh], Thorn, VanMeter, VnMeter [Vanmeter], Walker, Ward, Wellemsen [Williamson], Welon [Welton], Welton, Willis, Wilson, Wilton [Welton], Wodrow, Wood, Young.

No Surname:

Tom (probate of John Reed ca. 1776); Lewys (probate of George Rennick ca. 1778); Ben, Charles, Peter, Pris, (probate of David Rogers ca. 1783).


Charles Seaver (ca. 1764)
Nicholas Seaver Sr. (ca. 1784)
Margaret See (ca. 1757)
Hugh Shannan [Shannon] (ca. 1784)
Henry Shepler [Henrich Shebler, Shipler] (ca. 1778)
William Shepler [Shipler] (ca. 1780)
Jacob Shibley [Shinalar, Shively, Shiveley] (ca. 1760)
Jacob Shobe [Shaub, Shob] (ca. 1772)
Jacob Short (ca. 1791)
Adam Shride [Schreid, Shrde] (ca. 1791)
John Shuman [Schauman?] (ca. 1778)
Henry Sibley [Sibly] (ca. 1757)
Jacob Simon (ca. 1772)
Thomas Singleton (ca. 1764)
Daniel Slane (ca. 1795)
Conrad Slegal [Conrod Slagel] (ca. 1782)
Christopher Smith (ca. 1777)
George Smith (ca. 1798)
Philip Smith [Schmidt?] (ca. 1758)
Richard Smith Sr. (ca. 1789)
William Smith (ca. 1771)
Thomas Spicer (ca. 1760)
John Stallcup [Stalcop, Stalcup] (ca. 1799)
Jacob Starn [Starne] (ca. 1797)


Albin, Alkier [Alkire], Aller, Anderson, Andrews, Arnold, Asbury, Ashbrook, Ashton, Bailey, Baker, Baley [Bailey], Balley [Bailey], Bane [Bean], Beall, Beaver, Bell, Bond, Bradshaw, Brady, Brown, Bryan, Buckingham, Bullitt, Bunn, Burrwill [Burwill], Cage, Carathers [Carruthers], Carlane, Carruthers, Casler, Cathars [Carruthers], Caudy, Chapman, Chenoweth, Chenweth [Chinworth, Chenowith], Chinworth [Chinoweth], Churchill, Clark, Clerk [Clark], Clouson, Clutter, Combs, Cool, Cornel, Couchman, Crawford, Cump [Kump, Klump], Cuningham [Cunningham], Cunningham, Day, Delleze [Delozea, Delloyzea], Dever [Deaver, Deever], Dew, Doman, Donaldson, Dougherty, Ely, Ermantrout [Armentrout], Ermentraud [Armentrout, Ermantrout], Ferrea [Ferree, Fence], Ferree [Fence, Ferrea], Fingate, Gaither, Geling, Gibbony, Good, Green, Gritton, Haaß [Haas, Haws], Harkley [Horkley], Harness, Harris, Hedges, Henderson, Hewlings, Hiett [Hyatt], Higgins, Hite, Hoernbeck [Hornbeck], Hog, Hoober [Hoover], Hoornbek [Hornbeck], Hoover, Hoppy, Horkley [Harkley], Hornback [Hornbeck], House, Hukel, Hurlus [Harless], Hyatt [Hiett], Jack, Jacob, Janes, Janny, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Justice, Kan, Karons [Kerans, Kerns], Keanady [Kennedy], Keandy [Kennedy], Keaner [Keener], Kearons [Kerans, Kerns], Keener, Kercheval, King, Knave [Nave, Neff, Neiff], Lander, Largent, Larrimore, Larue, Law, Loy, Lucas, Lynch, Martin, MBride [McBride], McBride, McCarty, McCune, McGruder, McGuire, McKever, McNeil, Meakins, Michael, Miller, Milleson, Minnear, Monroe, Monrow [Monroe], Morse [Marsh], Mullen, Mullins, Nef [Neff, Neiff], Oller, O'Neal, Parker, Parrell, Parrill [Parrell], Paterson [Patterson], Patterson, Pearsall, Pearse, Pennington, Poston [Postin, Posten], Powel [Powell], Powelson, Pritchard, Pugh, Purcell, Randall, Randle [Randall], Ravenscraft, Reed [Reid], Reid, Rennock, Reuger [Regar, Reger, Riger], Ruhl [Rule], Savage, Schaub [Shobe], Schauman [Shuman], Schloser [Slusher], Schmidt?, Schweitzer [Swisher, Switzer], Scott, Shepler, Shouck [Shook], Seaver, See, Seymour, Shannan, Shannon [Shannan], Shearer, Shepler [Shipler], Shibley [Shinalar, Shively, Shiveley], Shipler, Shively, Shob [Shobe], Shobe, Shockey, Short, Shrde [Shride], Shride [Schreid], Shuman [Schauman], Sibley [Sibly], Simon, Simpson, Singleton, Slagel, Slane, Sleck [Slack], Slusher, Smith, Smoot, Spicer, Stalcup, Staley, Stallcup [Stalcop, Stalcup], Starn, Stephenson, Swisher [Schweitzer, Switzer], Taaffe [Taaf, Taass], Taylor, Teader, Teverbough [Tivebaugh], Thomas, Throckmorton, Tivebaugh, Torn [Dorn, Thorn], Tripps, van Meter [VanMeter], Vanmeter, Wallas [Wallis], Walles [Wallis], Wallis, Walton [Welton], Welton, Westfall, White, Whitmann, Whittman, Wilcocks [Wilcox], Wilcoks [Wilcox], Williamson, Wilton [Welton], Wmson [Williamson], Wodrow, Yokeham [Yokum, Yoakum], Yokom [Yokum, Yoakum],Yokum.

No Surname:

None on this disc.


James Stewart (ca. 1771)
Stephen Stradler [Stradly] (ca. 1764)
Michael Stump (ca. 1768)
Nathaniel Sullivan (ca. 1763)
James Taaffe [Taffe] (ca. 1782)
Francis Taggart (ca. 1796)
John Tate (ca. 1759)
Daniel Taylor (ca. 1792)
Septimus Taylor (ca. 1781)
Simon Taylor Sr. (ca. 1786)
Tarpley Taylor (ca. 1784)
David Thompson [Thomson] (ca. 1777)
Thomas Thompson [Thomson] (ca. 1795)
Lazarus Thorn (ca. 1760)
Mary Thorn (ca. 1761)
Peter Thorn (ca. 1758)
Tobias Thorn [Thorne] (ca. 1764)
Richard Troutton [Trouton, Trowten] (ca. 1799)
Henry Tucker (ca. 1768)
John Tucker (ca. 1758)
John Tuckwell (ca. 1769)
William Turner (ca. 1798)
Cornelius Vandevender [Vandevanter, Vandevander, Vendevender, Vandivender] (ca. 1783)
Henry VanMeter (ca. 1778)


Adams, Allkeier [Alkier, Alkire], Anderson, Andrews, Asberry [Asbury], Asbuary [Asbury], Asbury, Babbs, Babls [Babbs, Balbs], Baker, Balbs [Babbs, Babls], Bray, Bruin, Buck, Bullitt, Burr--s [Burres, Burroughs], Carruthers, Cartar [Carter], Carter, Casey, Caswell, Casy [Casey], Chestnut, Chob [Shobe], Chrisman, Churchill, Coddy [Cody], Collins, Colson [Coulson], Cooper, Corbin, Corrothers [Carruthers], Couchman, Couffman [Coffman], Cunning [Cunningham?], Cunningham, Darling, Davison, Dew, Dohrn [Thorn], Dorn [Thorn], Dunn, Dyer, Earisman [Ersome, Earsome], Earsom, Emmerson, Field, Fields [Field], Flaughardy [Flarty, Flaharty, Flaugherty], Forman [Foreman], Galaway [Galloway], Gallaway [Galloway], Garrison, Glaze, Glot, Grant, Greenwell, Gusler, Hammond, Harge-s? [Hargis], Harris, Heath, Heinzman, Hite, Hoffman, Hofmen? [Hoffman], Hogue [Hog, Hoge, Hogg], Hollenback [Hollenbeck], Hollinback [Hollenbeck], Hoornbeck [Hornback, Hornbeck], Hoppy, Horn, Hougland, Hum--r? [Humbler, Hambler], Humphreys [Humphries], Hutten, Jack, Janes, Johnson, Jones, Jons [Jones], Keith, Keller, Kern [Kerns, Keran], Kettner [Kidner], Kimberlin, King, Kuykendall, Leigh, Lewis, Long, Lynch, Mason, Maurer [Mason], McBride, McGlaughlin, McMahon, McMeekin, McNeill, Meloy [Maloy], Miller, Millison [Millason, Milleson], Mitchel [Mitchell], Moore, Morison [Morrison], Mowser [Mouser, Mouzer], Myer, Naylor, Nef [Neiff, Nave, Neff], Newman, Pancake, Parker, Parsons, Pearsall, Peerce [Pearce, Pierce], Petters [Peters], Phillips, Pool, Poston, Powlison [Powelson], Powtison [Powelson], Pugh, Quarke, Randall, Rannells [Reynolds], Reasoner, Reed, Reeder [Reader], Reeve, Reeves, Renick [Rennick], Reuger [Regar, Reger], Richmond, Ried [Read], Rodger [Roger, Rogers], Rogers, Roy, Roye [Roy], Ruddell [Ruddle], Ruth, Scott, Seea [See], Sellers, Seymour, Shebler [Shipler], Sheblr [Shipler], Shipler, Shuck [Shook], Smith, Snyder, Spurling, Stewart, Stradler, Stradly [Stradler], Stump, Stutsman [Stuteman], Sullavan [Sullivan], Sullivan, Taaffe [Taffe], Taggart, Tarpley, Tate, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Thorn, Thorne, Trouton [Troutton], Troutton, Trowton [Troutton], Tucker, Tuckwell, Turner, Van Deventer, Van Meter, Vandevanter, Vandevender [Vandevander, Vandivender], Vandeventer, Vanmeter, VanMeter, VnMeter, Walker, Welton, Westfall, Whiteman, Wilkins, William, Williams, Wise, Wodrow, Wright, Young.

No Surname:

Dick, Sam, Samson (probate of Michael Stump ca. 1768); Claricy, Lucy, Mace (probate of Francis Taggart ca. 1796); Adam, Benn, Bill, Charles, Daniel, David, Dick, Dina, Duke, George, Harry, Jane, Milley, Nep, Peter, Prissilla, Sam, Shedrick, Solomon, Susah and child Abraham, Will, Winney and child Gessip (probate of Simon Taylor Sr. ca. 1786); Frank, Kate (probate of Cornelius Vandevender ca. 1783); Abigal, Duke, Jack, Judge, Tim, Will (probate of Henry Vanmeter ca. 1778).


Isaac VanMeter [Van Meter, Van Metere, Vanmeeter, Vanmetere] (ca. 1758)
Robert Vaughan (ca. 1799)
William Vause (ca. 1790)
Andrew Viney (ca. 1782)
David Ward (ca. 1760)
Israel Ward (ca. 1780)
John Warden (ca. 1765)
Adam Warner (ca. 1757)
Mary Warth [Wart, Wortz] (ca. 1796)
John Watterman [Waterman] (ca. 1785)
Thomas Watts [Wats] (ca. 1758)
Michael Wease (ca. 1780)
George Weast (ca. 1759)
George Weaver [Wever] (ca. 1785)
Joseph Weise [Wees] (ca. 1761)
Capt. John Welton (ca. 1767)
Solomon Welton (ca. 1778)
Jacob Wertmiller [Wertt Miller] (ca. 1784)
Abel Westfall (ca. 1757)
Cornelius Westfall (ca. 1784)
Thomas Wiggins Sr. (ca. 1778)


Alkier [Alkire], Alsop, Anderson, Andrews, Arthman, Ashby, Baker, Bandfield, Beale, Begly [Begley], Bell, Black, Bogard, Borer [Borror], Brink, Brown, Bryan, Bull, Buzard [Bosshardt], Byrns, Caplinger, Carrol [Carroll], Carroll, Casety [Cassidy], Casey, Cat?, Chamney, Churchill, Clark, Clawson, Cobun, Cock, Coil [Kile], Collins, Conaway, Conn [Corn], Connoway, Conrod [Conrad], Conway [Connoway], Cook, Corn, Cornwill, Couchman, Crabel, Craycraft [Crecraft], Crecraft [Craycraft], Crose, Cuningham [Cunningham], Cunningham, Cutright [Curtright, Cartright, Cartwright], Darling, Daton [Dayton], Davis, Davison, Decker, Dedrick [Deadrick, Dietrich], Dew, Dunn, Eaton, Ebert, Ebil?, Elsworth, Feagley, Fisher, Fitchpatrick [Fitzpatrick], Flesher, Fox, Futts [Fults, Fultz], Gibson, Ginet-?, Good, Hacker, Haff, Hagler, Haniher?, Harnes [Harness], Harness, Harniss [Harness], Hart, Havener [Heavner, Heavener], Heath, Hedges, Hider, Higgins, Hill, Hire [Hyre], Hite, Hogbin [Hogbine], Hogbine [Hogbin], Hoge, Holme, Hoover, Hornback [Hornbeck], Hornbeck [Hornback], Househamer, How, Howel [Howell], Huffman, Hutten [Hutton], Hutton [Hutten], Illegible surnames [---ke, ---ton, --owbottom, --ton], Inskeep, Irwin, Jenny, Job [Shobe], Jobe [Shobe], Johnston, Jones, Keith, Kennedy, Kester [Keister], Keyser, Kile, Kirkpatrick, Koile [Kail, Coil, Kile], Kuykendall, Leary, Lemley, Lenard [Leonard], Lewis, Loper, Lowndes [Landis], Lynch, Marsh, Mason, Maxwell, mcCarty, McCarty, McColloch, McColluk [McColloch], McCollough [McColloch], McGuire, Mchenrry [McHenry, McHendry], Mchenry, McHenry, Mckollic [McCulloch], McMurrey, McQuilling, Mets [Metts], Miles, Miller, Minnes, Minniss, Mitts, Monroe, Moore, Morgan, Murdock, Nerval [Nevill], Nevill, Notingham, Odle [Oddle], Orchard, Osmun, Owens, Ox, Parsens [Parsons], Parson, Parsons, Pattison, Patton, Paugh, Pearsall, Pendleton, Perrey, Petty, Pigman, Plumb, Poage, Poston, Pugh, Purcell, Pursele? [Purcell?, Pearsall?], Radcliff, Radclift [Ratcliff], Ragen [Ragan], Ramsay, Randall, Ratcliff, Ratlef [Ratliff, Radcliff], Ratleff [Ratliff, Ratcliff], Read, Reding, Reed, Renneck, Rennick, Rennock, Richardson, Richman, Robinson, Rosecant [Rosecrantz], Ruddell [Ruddle], Rush, Russall, Rutherford, Saltsman, Schuck [Shook], Scott, Sea [See], Seaberger, See, Semore [Seymore, Seymour], Sey [See], Seymour, Shanklen [Shanklin], Shannan [Shannon], Shepard, Shobe, Shobs [Shobe], Shipler, Simpson, Simson [Simpson], Smith, Snyther [Snyder], Stalker, Steenbergen, Stephenson, Stobblelit, Stone, Strother, Stump, Sturman, Syemore [Seymour, Seymore], Tanner, Taylor, Thevebough [Tieverbaugh, Tivebaugh], Thixten [Thixton], Thomas, Thompson, Thorn, Trenchard, Tuckwell, Tudey? [Judy?], Up [Upp], Van Meter, Van Metere, Vandiver [Vandivere, Vandivear], Vanmeeter [Vanmeter], VanMeter, Vanmetere [Vanmeter], Vaughan, Vause, Vervat?, Viney, VnMeter [Vanmeter], Wagoner, Wall, Ward, Warden, Warner, Warth [Wart], Warton [Warden], Wats?, Watterman [Waterman], Watts [Wats], Wease, Weast, Weaver, Wees [Weise], Weise, Welch, Wells, Welton, Wertmiller [Wertt Miller], Westfall, Wever [Weaver], White, Wiggins, Williams, Willson [Wilson], Wilper, Wilson, Wise, Wodrow, Wood, Woodford, Woodward, Wortz [Wart, Warth], Wright, Yocom [Yokum], Zaneson, Zean, Zeans.

No Surname:

Anthony, Cuff, Hannah, Judith, London, Will, V--let, -lora (probate of Isaac VanMeter ca. 1758); Jack, Will (probate of William Vause ca. 1790); Joe, Rose, Tone (probate of Capt. John Welton ca. 1767); Berry, Joshua, Venus (probate of Solomon Welton ca. 1778).


Benjamin Willett [Willit, Willitt] (ca. 1774)
Catherine Williams (ca. 1761)
Edward Williams (ca. 1761)
John Williams (ca. 1757)
John Williams (ca. 1798)
Remembrance Williams (ca. 1761)
Richard Williams (ca. 1786)
Richard Williams (ca. 1789)
Vincent Williams (ca. 1758)
William Williams (ca. 1761)
Samuel Williamson (ca. 1796)
Daniel Wilson (ca. 1772)
Abraham Wise (ca. 1773)
John Wood (ca. 1758)
Mary Wood (ca. 1762)
John Woodsin [Woodson] (ca. 1767)
Michael Worley [Währlich, Warly] (ca. 1785)
Hezekiah Wright (ca. 1760)
Jacob Yoakum [Yocum, Yokum] (ca. 1780)


Acquaintance, Adams, Armstrong, Black, Bogard, Bredin [Breeding], Breeding, Brenton, Brewer, Brown, Bullet [Bullitt], Bullett [Bullitt], Bullitt, Bunn, Burkham, Burkhirt, Carr, Casey, Cassedy, Churchill, Clark, Cobon [Cobun], Cobourne [Coburn, Cobun], Cobun, Collins, Conner, Conway, Corban [Corbin], Corn, Cresap, Crouch, Cutwrack [Cutrack], Dacker [Decker], Darling, Davis, Day, Decker, Dew, Dooly [Dooley], Dorn [Thorn], Dougherty, Dunn, Earsom, Ely, Emmerson, Ersom [Earsom], Forman, Fox, Frazior, Frazor [Frazier, Frazior], Garrett, Gawthorp [Gathorp, Ganthorp], Gibson, Grant, Hampton, Harden [Hardin], Harness, Hart, Harvey, Heasell [Hazel], Heath, Hedges, Hider, Hill, Hite, Hoof [Hoff, Huff], Huffman, Humberson?, Hutten [Hutton], Hyder, Irons, James, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Keith, Keller, Kent, Keran [Kern, Kerns], Kimberlin, Kimbertin [Kimberlin], King, Kuykendall, Lautert? [Lighter], Lawson, Linch [Lynch], Lyle, Lynch, Machir, Makin [Machan, Machir], Marrs, Martin, Mcarty [McCarty], McColloch [McCullogh], McKenny, Miller, Mitchel [Mitchell], Mongomey [Montgomery], Mounts, Muller [Miller], Mussleman, Myers, Nelson, Newman, Oharra [O'Hara], Oliver, Oriley [O'Riley], Osmun, Painter, Pankaak [Pancake], Parker, Parsens [Parsons], Parsons, Pearsall, Peter [Peters], Peters, Petterson, Peyton, Polson [Poulson], Poulson, Pritchard, Purcell, Rannells, Read, Reagen, Reed, Ried [Reed], Ross, Ruddell [Ruddle], Ryan, Sadowski, Seavors [Seaver], Sellers, Seymour, Shebler [Shipler], Shepard [Sheppard, Shepherd], Shipley [Shipler], Simpson, Smith, Stalker, Stalnaker, Starn, Steenbergen [Steenberger], Steenburgon [Steenberger], Sudduth, Suitchfield [Strichfield, Strechfield], Taylor, Thomson [Thompson], Thorn, Tiler [Tyler], Tucker, Turner, Turvey, Tutt, Vanmeeter [Vanmeter], VanMeter, Varvil, Vervall, VnMeter [Vanmeter], Währlich [Worley], Walker, Waller, Wallis, Wanock, Warly [Worley], Welton, Whiteman, Wiggins, Willett, Williams, Williamson, Willit [Willett], Willitt [Willett], Wilson, Wise, Wodrow, Wood, Woodsin, Woodson [Woodsin], Worley, Worsley [Worley], Wright, Yoakum [Yokum], Yocum [Yokum].

No Surname:

None on this disc.


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