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Edited by Dyer Anderson and Eric T. Hedrick.

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Selected Profiles From Pendleton County History is now available.  The book is a collection of biographical profiles of important figures from Pendleton County history.  The profiles are divided into three sections: The Early Years, The Middle Years, and The Later Years.  There is also an Appendix which features profiles of individuals who were instrumental in the growth of the Pendleton County Historical Society. In all, fifty individuals are included. Those profiled are listed below alphabetically by book section.

John Champe 1752-ca. 1798
Johann Dahle (John Dolly) 1749-1841
Robert Davis 1741-1818
James Dyer 1747-1807
Roger Dyer ca. 1699-1758
William Eagle 1761-1848
Christopher Eye 1747-1797
Johann Justus Henckel, Sr. (Yost Hinkle) 1706-1778
Margaret Mallo (Mallow) ca. 1721-ca. 1768
General William McCoy 1768-1835
Johann Michael Probst (Michael Propst) 1712-1789
Patrick Sinnett 1752-ca. 1857

David C. Anderson 1821-1891
William Anderson 1798-1856
James Boggs 1796-1862
John Boggs 1815-1893
Sallie Cunningham 1859-1939
Abijah Dolly 1817-1898
Lydia Kimble Graham 1838-1936
Captain Abram Hinkle 1835-1901
Eugene Keister 1850-1925
Henry Hille Masters 1815-1892
Silas B. McClung 1832-1925
John McClure 1838-1915
Isaac Samuels Pennybacker 1805-1847
George Schmucker 1807-1886
Morgan Gilbert Trumbo 1844-1904
Phoebe Bland Warner 1814-1905

Dr. Harvey Bowers 1870-1922
John Moomau Dice 1903-1985
John Richard “Dick” Dolly 1917-1959
Harry Luke Eye 1928-2016
TSgt. Clinton M. Hedrick 1918-1945
Ralph McClung Hiner 1896-1947
Richard Homan 1923-2010
William McCoy, Sr. 1878-1965
Samuel Priest 1893-1931
James Tyree Rexrode 1887-1976
Charles Ritchie 1883-1972
Lottie Wright 1908-1988

Elizabeth Gordon Boggs 1918-1987
Elsie Byrd Boggs 1873-1964
Harrison Mayberry Calhoun 1866-1933
Johnny Arvin Dahmer 1920-2007
Annie Martin Eye 1897-1983
Pauline Ruddle Harman 1918-2019
Dr. Charles P. Harper 1897-1979
Jennie Judy Hott 1950-2013
Olin Ray Mallow 1891-1975
Charles S. Nelson 1903-1988

Selected Profiles From Pendleton County History.  2023, hardcover, dustjacket, 184 pages.

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