I found these records during a 2012 visit to the Pendleton County Court House in Franklin, WV. It is a collection of several pages of birth and death records that are "tied" together but not bound in any book. The year is not stated on these pages but one of the "deaths" pages has a handwritten "1866" which appears to be an error. "Camp Chase" is given as the location of death for three individuals which means Civil War era, which is pre-1866. Also found is a death entry for George W. Hedrick whose March 31, 1865 death is chronicled in 'Twixt North and South by H.M. Calhoun. The death certificate for Johnson Bolton gives his date of birth as August 13, 1865 which matches the entry found on these pages. I have not indexed these pages but the names are recorded semi-alphabetically so searching them should be easy enough. I have searched for many of these names at the WV Culture site and have found none of them which leads me to believe that they were lost or misplaced and not microfilmed for the WV Vital Research Records Project.

1865 Births page 1 1865 Births page 2 1865 Births page 3 1865 Births page 4 1865 Deaths page 1 1865 Deaths page 2

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