Digitized images of the complete Official Bond Book. This book includes several types of bonds including a large number
of “paternity” bonds. These “paternity” bonds name the father of a child born to an unwed mother and commit him to be
financially responsible for the child’s needs. Variations in the spellings of given names and surnames is to be expected
in the pages of this book. The range of dates of the contents is 1866-1925. This disc contains a complete index.

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Adams, Kennie
Adamson, A. C.
Albrecht, Christian H.
Alkire, Thomas
Alt, Benjamin F.
Anderson, Frank
Anderson, Wm. B.
Arbogast, Elemuel
Arbogast, Rachael E.
Armstrong, Jas. D.
Auville, Henry D.
Bennett, Adam
Bennett, Doylie
Bennett, Izerna
Bennett, James B.
Bennett, Jenetta
Bennett, Lee
Bennett, Lorenzo D.
Bennett, Martha
Bennett, Martin
Bennett, Martin V.
Bennett, Sally D.
Bennett, William
Biby, Jos. W.
Blakemore, George A.
Bland, Charley
Bland, Enoch D.
Bland, Fanny
Bland, Isaac N.
Bland, Jane
Bland, Littie C.
Bland, P.W.
Bland, Pleasant D.
Blizzard, Isaac
Bodkin, Wilbur
Bodkin, Zell
Boggs, Edmund W.
Boggs, Gordon
Boggs, Isaac P.
Boggs, James C.
Boggs, John
Boggs, William H.
Bolton, I. E.
Bolton, J. M.
Bond, John S.
Bowers, C. S.
Bowers, Dr. H.
Bowers, Henry
Bowers, Henry D.
Bowers, Ida M.
Bowers, M.E.
Bowers, Z. J.
Burgoyne, E. R.
Burgoyne, Harrison H.
Burgoyne, S. C.
Burns, Laura A.
Burns, Sylvester
Butler, Susan
Byrd, John W.
Calhoun, A.M.
Calhoun, Hettie
Calhoun, N. W.
Carr, Adam
Carr, John
Carter, J.F.
Cassel, Lelia M.
Caton, Charley
Caton, Ed.
Coatny, Edward J.
Cook, Eva
Cook, Isaac G.
Cook, Jay
Cossell, Lillie M.
Cox, Warden
Crummet, Daniel F.
Cunningham, Callie
Cunningham, E. A.
Cunningham, Phebe G.
Cunningham, Robert G.
Cunningham, Solomon
Dahmer, John G.
Daugherty, J. H.
Daugherty, James H.
Davis, Geo. W.
Davis, James O.
Day, Jenettie
Dean, Hannah P.
Dolly, E. J.
Dolly, E.W.
Dolly, Edgar J.
Dove, Sousan
Dunkle, W.S.
Dyer, Andrew W.
Dyer, Andy
Evick, James
Eye, Benjamin C.
Eye, Berlin
Eye, Geo. A.
Eye, W.A.
Flick, W. H. H.
George, John L.
George, Stella
Grady, Geo. W.
Grady, James P.
Graham, A. W.
Grasser, Frederick
Grayham, Hannah
Greenawalt, John W.
Halterman, Frances
Halterman, Geo. W.
Hammer, John
Harman, Abraham
Harman, Amos
Harman, Caroline
Harman, Cena
Harman, Cenie
Harman, Charles H.
Harman, Clara B.
Harman, David
Harman, David Sr.
Harman, Enos
Harman, Fred
Harman, J. A.
Harman, John A.
Harman, John H.
Harman, Joseph
Harman, U.S.
Harper, Armeda R.
Harper, Bertha
Harper, Caddie
Harper, E. A.
Harper, Isaac
Harper, John D. Sr.
Harper, Lucy
Harper, Lucy E.
Harper, Martha A.
Harper, Mary
Harper, May
Harper, Minor
Harper, Susan
Harper, Virginia
Harper, W.C.
Harrison, T. H.
Hartman, Isaac
Hartman, J.C.
Hartman, Retta M.
Hartman, W. P.
Hedrick, A.C.
Hedrick, Adam C.
Hedrick, Clarence
Hedrick, David
Hedrick, Emily
Hedrick, Emma
Hedrick, Eva L.
Hedrick, George W.
Hedrick, Isaac
Hedrick, Jas. H.
Hedrick, M. K.
Hedrick, Martha
Hedrick, Martha J.
Hedrick, Mary A.
Hedrick, Mary S.
Helmick, A.J.
Helmick, Corneluis
Helmick, Enos
Helmick, Mathias
Helmick, Will
Hevner, Charles W.
Hevner, Kernie H.
Hille, Jacob G.
Hiner, B.H.
Hiner, Benjamin
Hinkle, Abraham
Hinkle, B.Y.
Hinkle, Bruce
Hinkle, Carson
Hinkle, Irving
Hinkle, J.C.
Hinkle, Lottie
Hiser, Jonathan
Hoover, Annie J.
Hoover, Catharine E.
Hoover, Harry E.
Hoover, M.F.
Huffman, Albert
Huffman, J. A.
Huffman, Luther
Huffman, Mary E.
Johnson, Boyd
Johnson, Homer
Johnson, Jacob F.
Johnston, Boyd
Johnston, W.W.
Jones, Chas.
Jones, Jno. M.
Jordan, L.H.
Judy, Arthur
Judy, Charles P.
Judy, Charlotte
Judy, Cyntha J.
Judy, Elijah
Judy, George
Judy, George J.
Judy, Grant
Judy, Ida P.
Judy, Isaac Jr.
Judy, Isaac N.
Judy, J.L.
Judy, Martin
Judy, Michael
Judy, Mike
Judy, Samuel
Judy, W.A.
Judy, W.H.
Keister, A.J.
Ketterman, Ida
Kile, Geo.
Kile, Isaac T.
Kile, Sarah
Kimble, Alfred
Kisamore, Isaiah H.
Kisamore, Zettie C.
Kiser, C.T.
Kiser, Clona Mae
Kiser, John
Kline, D.E.
Kline, Etta
Kuhn, John
Lambert, Albertus
Lambert, Alva L.
Lambert, Amby H.
Lambert, Bean
Lambert, Cain
Lambert, Cora A.
Lambert, Don J.
Lambert, Ed.
Lambert, Edward
Lambert, Elias
Lambert, Emanuel
Lambert, Hulda P.
Lambert, Isaac
Lambert, J.E.
Lambert, J. Floyd
Lambert, J. L.
Lambert, J. W.
Lambert, Jesse
Lambert, Lena B.
Lambert, P.H.
Lambert, Radie S.
Lambert, Wm. P.
Lambert, J. Warrick
Landes, D. A.
Lautenschlager, J. F. A.
Lough, Carrie E.
Lough, David W.
Lough, Delilah
Lough, Estella
Mallow, A. W.
Mallow, Clay
Mallow, Daniel
Mallow, G. W.
Mallow, George
Mallow, H. C.
Mallow, Henry
Mallow, Moses
Mallow, Rollie
Mallow, Samuel
Mallow, Sarah Cath.
Mallow, Zadie
Martin, Parthana M.
Mautz, John E.
Mauzy, Howard
Mauzy, James L.
Mauzy, M.
Mauzy, Okey J.
Mauzy, Solomon P.
Mauzy, Ursulu
May, James
McCoy, John
McCoy, William
McCoy, Wm.
McCoy, Wm. Jr.
McCulty, Nora
McDonald, Anthony
M'Clung, David G.
M'Clure, John
McMullan, J. N.
Miller, Isaac
Mitchell, O.B.
Mitchell, Samuel
Montony, D.
Montony, Jacob
Morral, Cain
Morral, John A.
Mowery, Louisa F.
Moyers, Addison
Moyers, Floyd
Moyers, G. A.
Moyers, Gertie
Moyers, J.E.
Moyers, Jas. E.
Moyers, Sarah S.
Moyers, Valeria A.
Moyers, W. A.
Mullenax, Sylvanus
Mullenax, Sylvenus W.
Mullennax, Robert
Mullennax, S.W.
Murphy, Delia
Murphy, J.J.
Murphy, Jno. R.
Murphy, W. N.
Nelson, Carrie E.
Nelson, Dennis
Nelson, Flawrance
Nelson, Flornce
Nelson, Henry
Nelson, Hettie
Nelson, Leo
Nelson, Robt. L.
Nelson, W.M.
Newcomb, R.E.
Newman, James C.
Painter, John
Painter, John S.
Painter, Louie E.
Painter, May
Painter, Rosa
Painter, Rosanna
Payne, Americus
Payne, John D.
Pennington, Barbra
Phares, George A.
Phares, I.S.
Phares, Isaac
Phares, Robert
Phares, Sylvanus
Phares, Wm.
Pitsenbarger, Harrison
Pitsenbarger, James L.
Plaugher, Hettie
Powers, George W.
Priest, Francis M.
Priest, Jas. H.
Priest, Ths. H.
Propst, Barbara M.
Propst, Clara M.
Propst, Floyd
Propst, Henry C.
Propst, Isaac J.
Propst, J. L.
Propst, Joel M.
Propst, Lou Berta
Propst, Lucinda
Propst, Lucy A.
Propst, Martin G.
Propst, Mary V.
Propst, Rolandas Sr.
Propst, Wesley
Puffenbarger, Amos
Puffenbarger, Martha
Puffenbarger, Mary Etta
Puffenbarger, Peter
Puffenbarger, Zebidee
Puffenbarger, Zebulon
Rader, C.W.
Rader, Fred McKee
Raines, Ida
Raines, J. F.
Raines, Morgan
Raines, William G.
Rau, William S.
Rexroad, Aaron
Rexroad, Emery C.
Rexroad, H.C.
Rexroad, Harrison
Rexroad, Henry
Rexroad, Ida M.
Rexroad, Isaac
Rexroad, Jacob H.
Rexroad, Laban
Rexroad, Lula B.
Rexroad, Mary L.
Rexroad, Mrs. H.C.
Rexroad, Nancy D.
Rexroad, Octava
Rexroad, Paul
Rexrode, Pinkney C.
Roberson, John
Roby, Aaron W.
Roby, Onia J.
Ruddle, H. Clay
Ruddle, Isaac
Shirk, Oscar
Shrader, Ami
Simmons, Annie R.
Simmons, Chas E.
Simmons, D. Jasper
Simmons, Edna
Simmons, Elizabeth
Simmons, H.S.
Simmons, Harvey S.
Simmons, J.Z.
Simmons, James
Simmons, Mary A.
Simmons, Mary E.
Simmons, Nancy
Simmons, Samuel
Simmons, Timothy
Sites, John W.
Sites, John Wes
Sites, Johnson
Sites, Lou
Sites, Simeon H.
Sites, T.C.
Smith, Grover O.
Snyder, John
Snyder, John F.
Sponaugle, Arthur
Sponaugle, B.M.
Sponaugle, Bob
Sponaugle, Brooks
Sponaugle, Debbie
Sponaugle, Deborah
Sponaugle, Debu Jane
Sponaugle, Flora A.
Sponaugle, Flory A.
Sponaugle, G.K.
Sponaugle, Gilbert
Sponaugle, Green J.
Sponaugle, Mary E.
Sponaugle, P.P.
Sponaugle, Ursley
Teter, Ambrose
Teter, George
Teter, Harness
Teter, Isaac
Teter, Izerna
Teter, Jacob S.
Teter, Jehu
Teter, Laura
Teter, Lillie
Teter, Noah
Thacker, Stephen H.
Thompson, Albert
Thompson, Catherine
Thompson, Clay
Thompson, Jacob
Thompson, John W.
Thompson, Lena
Tingler, Bettie Jane
Tingler, Catharine
Tingler, Enos
Tingler, Lucinda
Tingler, Mary A.
Tingler, Sarah Jane
Tingler, Susan
Trumbo, M. G.
Vance, E.H.
Vance, Henry
Vance, Henry C.
Vandevander, Albert
Vandevander, Charles L.
Vandevander, Clarence
Vandevander, Rebecca
Varner, Daniel
Warner, Amby
Warner, Amos B.
Warner, Ashby
Warner, J. W.
Warner, John
Warner, John W.
Warner, Joseph
Warner, Mattie
Warner, Noah
Warner, O.K.
Warner, Sewell
Warner, Solomon
Warner, William P.
Warner, Wilson
Waybright, J.B.
Waybright, John E.
Waybright, Sallie
Weiford, Gratton S.
White, Peachie
White, Peachie M.
White, T.J.
Wilfong, Zebulon
Williams, J.C.
Wilson, Geo. T.
Wilson, John E.
Wilson, Rufus H.
Wimer, Hazel
Wimer, Isaac
Wimer, J.L.
Wimer, J.W.
Wimer, Jacob L.
Wimer, Jonas
Wimer, Leila M.
Wimer, Martha L.
Wimer, Mary S.
Wimer, S. C.
Wyant, Peter
Zickafoose, William C.

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